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Hagerstown Hypnosis Center – Marie Hawse, Certified Hypnotist

Hypnosis is a safe, natural and enjoyable way to make significant life changes. I have helped individuals overcome habits (like smoking or nail biting), and to change lifelong eating patters (weight loss). Others have come to me looking for relief from medical illnesses. Hypnosis can help manage symptoms associated with illness, encourage faster recovery, and aid in pain management. Some people use hypnosis to manage anxiety or to overcome fears, and to deal with trauma or emotional distress.
Hypnosis is also a way to clarify values and really decide what is most important. Athletes learn hypnosis so they can “get in the zone”, and students use hypnosis to improve memory and recall. In fact test taking anxiety, and test academic performance are very popular ways to use hypnosis.
I look forward to discussing how hypnosis can help you find who you want to be!

“Unlock Your Full Potential and Live the Life You Want”

Marie has a soothing presence which begins with her first hello. Marie listens to what you speak and hears what you are truly saying. Marie knows that when invited to assist in positive change work she is well equipped for the task, yet allows a natural flow in all she does. Marie also has the phenomenal ability to respect the moment each and every time. Marie can and will give you her best so that you can step into yours. I believe in Marie Hawes and she believes in me.

Sondra, Crofton Maryland

I had an accident in 2014—In a lot of pain—started working with Marie in hypnosis. The pain began to go away. I had to have surgery right shoulder. Before surgery we began working together on preparing for the surgery and post surgery pain control techniques. After surgery there was not the expected amount of pain—swelling or bruising that the Dr. said I would have. Think hypnosis really works and would say if anybody has any pain would say try hypnosis.

V. P. Maryland

I began to work with Marie using hypnosis -when I found out I had breast cancer and began treatments. Hypnosis helped me very much. Hypnosis decreased any pain and stopped the side effects that usually comes from cancer treatment. One technique, called “spinning” got rid of any pain–and hypnosis is relaxing. Marie is a very caring person.

Regina, Williamsport

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