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Weight Loss

Hypnosis as a means of weight loss may sound far fetched - closing your eyes and talking helps you lose weight, yeah

Weight Loss2019-04-25T20:32:25+00:00

Stop Smoking

Helping others to stop smoking is deeply personal to me. Both of my parents had smoked for many years. I was with

Stop Smoking2019-04-25T20:24:23+00:00


Stress! It seems to follow us wherever we go: traffic, work, relationships, expectations and obligations. But stress is not always negative; at


What is Hypnosis?

I am often asked what is Hypnosis?  Many only know of hypnosis from stage or television shows.  Stage Hypnosis is purely for

What is Hypnosis?2019-04-25T20:07:43+00:00

My Story

A little over two years ago, I was in what I believe to be one of the lower points in my life,

My Story2019-04-24T21:30:41+00:00